ABC Upfronts Rally/Year 2

The ABC Upfronts will be taking place in NYC on May15th and this is the 2nd year that loyal SOAP fans will be uniting in a civilized, peaceful rally. Soap Fans United (SFU) and Fans United Against ABC (FUABC), two of the largest groups dedicated to saving the SOAPS genre will be joining forces to organize the rally. Continue reading


I am asking ALL my friends to read this it’s very important…

I was coming home tonight and thinking of 1,000 things I had to do. While waiting for coffee, I checked my messages and all of a sudden nothing was more important than this one sad update regarding a young mother, Brenda Casten who is being beaten by Leukemia — her family needs help NOW… right now. So I am asking you to pass this post along so that everyone is aware and if everyone helps a little, it will mean a lot. Continue reading

“Save the drama for your mama” … can ABC SOAPS be saved?

On Thursday April 14, 2011 ABC announced the cancellation two of my favorite Soap Operas “All My Children” and “One Life to Live”; they are two of the longest running shows on daytime television. Even though there had been rumors Continue reading

Is your brand in need of a health check?

Every business needs to thrive, and to do so, it must be in “good health”… have you done a check-up on your brand lately?  You take your car to the shop if it’s not acting right, and you would immediately Continue reading

Diabetes has a wing

This is just a short follow-up post to “show” you the importance of Diabetes testing.

Remember when I told you about my son getting diagnosed last year; and that as a young adult he is in the “honeymoon phase” between Type 1 and Type 2? See my post this week; “Diabetes doesn’t have to slow you down” – Alert Day – Get Tested! I thought about it strongly and decided I should have my son go back to the doctor this month for a follow-up (even though he wasn’t due until June); for the past few months he has just been on Januvia, we stopped the Metformin because he was losing so much weight. Since he was so depressed, the doctor let him cheat some and STILL his sugar levels have NEVER gone over 110 (should not go over 140)… so, I made an appointment and we got the lab work done and went to see the doctor this morning. Continue reading