Is this it?

Viewpoint of a trial watcher # 5 If Michael is the King of Pop — Janet is the Princess I recently had the chance to read Janet’s interview with Harper’s Bazaar.  It seems that when Janet speaks, everyone listens, and Continue reading

LaToya wants justice for Michael…

Viewpoint of a trial watcher # 4 It appears that Latoya Jackson is just as angry as we all are about how “shady” things look with respect to “how” Michael died.  It just does not make any sense at all.   Continue reading

Rest in peace Michael… our friend

After more than two months, Michael Jackson was finally buried last week in a press-free ceremony attended by his family and friends, like Elizabeth Taylor, Macauley Culkin, and Reverend Al Sharpton.   He was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Continue reading

Sleeping with the Enemy

Viewpoint of a trial watcher # 3 I am getting increasingly frustrated by the rumors and the so-called fans that are trying to ruin Michael Jackson’s name with all this “drug” talk.   It might be coming to a close, and Continue reading

Sony announces that Michael Jackson’s music will live forever…

Yesterday, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment announced that “This Is It,” will be Presented on the big screen around The World … a film drawn from Michael’s last rehearsals, including the behind-the-scenes footage will be released on October Continue reading

Shadow of Suspicion

Viewpoint of a trial watcher # 1 I recall over a decade ago, the white Bronco on the LA Freeway, an icon Heisman Trophy winner and National Football League superstar, OJ Simpson, accused of murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson Continue reading