We’re Listening to Civil Twilight

We first heard the band Civil Twilight when their song “Quiet In My Town” served as the CODA and ended episode #6.03 of One Tree Hill which was centered around the death and funeral of Quentin Fields, a Tree Hill Ravens basketball player who grew close to Lucas, Nathan, Haley, and Jamie. Their song was immediately loved and downloaded by millions of OTH fans who were eager to hear more from the South African band.

Civil Twilight was played on the show once again with “Letters From The Sky” as the opening to episode #7.10. Already the band is one of our favorite artists to be played on the series, so we’re excited to tell you about Civil Twilight’s exclusive iTunes album, “Live From Soho” that was just released following the April 6th release of their self-titled debut album.

Make sure to watch Civil Twilight music videos at their YouTube page and don’t forget to check them out on MySpace! Below is a download link to take you to Civil Twilight’s iTunes page where you can purchase their album and new “Live From Soho” 8-track release. We’ll have more goodies from the band coming soon!

Download Now
For more Civil Twilight visit their Official MySpace Profile as well as their website – www.civiltwilightband.com!

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