Is your brand in need of a health check?

Every business needs to thrive, and to do so, it must be in “good health”… have you done a check-up on your brand lately?  You take your car to the shop if it’s not acting right, and you would immediately call your I.T. rep if you suspected a virus on your computer… your brand health is just as significant for your thriving business.

A good business manager or independent consultant wants to be the “Brandologist”; instinctively, we want to reap the fruit of our labor and have our successes reach # 1 and get noticed for it … but how do we get there?   We are living in a world where internet presence is crucial, the traffic is worse than ever and visibility is critical – visibility to attract future clients, our peers and followers who enhance or complement our business.  You need to “say it loud and say it proud” to be heard in a noisy world.  But, in order to get to the top of the line, you need a plan.   If you fail to have a plan, you plan to fail and in business, there is no room for failure.  I have been fortunate to be part of the team at AdvanceMarketWoRx with founder, Ellen Hoenig Carlson for the past five years…  working with a “Brand Champion”!  I strongly suggest that you check out her recent blog where she shares her latest eBook, entitled:  Keep your brand healthy and thriving click here for a complimentary download, or view it on Slideshare.

Check out Ellen’s Blog, Notes from the Back of the Book and follow her on Twitter @ellenhoenig.

Be well, be safe and be healthy!

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