ABC Upfronts Rally/Year 2

The ABC Upfronts will be taking place in NYC on May15th and this is the 2nd year that loyal SOAP fans will be uniting in a civilized, peaceful rally.  Soap Fans United (SFU) and Fans United Against ABC (FUABC), two of the largest groups dedicated to saving the SOAPS genre will be joining forces to organize the rally.  We need to have a huge turnout; we need a significant presence at the ABC Upfronts again this year. Last year we were sending a loud message but this year they will hear us roar!

The message is that we need to let ABC know that we have no intention of watching their replacement shows; that SOAP fans are not interested in more “Reality” shows and that we want our SOAPS back.  ABC thinks that they can pacify us by keeping GH, and that we are content … we need to let them know that we are NOT going away.

Here are some things you should do if you want to attend the rally:

1)      Go to the even page “ABC UPFRONTS YEAR 2 RALLY” and JOIN; here is the link:

  • If you have trouble joining, message me and I will make sure you get an invite; we’ve had some glitches with Facebook
  • Only click on  “JOIN EVENT”  if you CAN attend
  • Click MAYBE if you might be going so we have accurate numbers for permits

2)      You can go to the LIKE page for this event to leave comments and join the conversation; that link is:

3)      Bring LARGE signs with LARGE print, so that they can be read from across the street.  Last year it was raining so some fans wore ponchos and wrote their message on the poncho.

4)      Order your T-Shirts that displays the RALLY logo;  Café Press is running a 30% off special for Mother’s Day, so order now and use the promo code here is the link to order:

When you get to the page, click on the bottom image for the rally, then you can select color, size, etc.  IF you need help with this just message me.

5)      Tell everyone!!! Tell other SOAP fans, friends, neighbors… share it on Facebook, Tweet it… shout it out!  And when you come to the rally, bring people with you.

6)      Circulate/share the PRESS RELEASE, here is the PRWeb/Yahoo link:

7)      Unless we hear otherwise, the location is:  Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center; 12noon – 6:00pm est. We will be at 64th St & Broadway. 

8)      Send your friends to join our groups on Facebook:  SOAP FANS UNITED (SFU) ( ) and FANS UNITED AGAINST ABC (FUABC)

9)      Follow us and our friends on Twitter; here are some names of people to follow and re-tweet, who will have updated information:

@FUABC  (Fans United Against ABC)  @ SoapFansUnited (Soap Fans United)  @Soapsfancount (Loretta Justice)   @reinventingcole (Cole Bell)  @TammyKreiss (Tammy Kreiss)  @BradyAlishawn (Shawn Brady) @SpinsVixenella (Spin’s Vixenella) @Faces4Soaps (Star Child)  @club425 (Kimberly Blackburn) @michelec8916 (Michele Carlin) @anobid (Flo DiBona) @ghfan4evr (Denise McMann)

Loud and Proud, Sun or rain, we will be leaving them in pain… FUABC we are SOAP FANS UNITED!
– Loretta Justice, for the team


2 Replies to “ABC Upfronts Rally/Year 2”

  1. How can you have a T=shirt with out the Queen Bee herself–Erika Slazak or did I miss her?

  2. Hi Edna, we wouldn’t get everyones image on the shirts and my company donated the graphic work… sorry, we all love Vicki!!!!