Why we’re livin’ off the wall… talkin’ loud and always sayin’ somethin’

If you’re not livin’ off the wall, you’re living under a rock!

I began writing this blog after the tragic loss of Michael Jackson.  I knew the Jackson family and I respect them.  I have always been annoyed at the so called “educated speculators”; therefore, this was the time to share some of my thoughts and vent!  I also post about healthcare & medical issues, family matters, social media, IT/technical stuff, weight management, music, kitty-cats, fashion, cookies, SOAPS, legal claims (including those surrounding Michael Jackson’s death); as well as the holidays.  I am always talkin’ loud and always sayin’ somethin’.

My background is diversified; I spent about 25+ yrs in the music/entertainment business; but I have a world of knowledge in other areas which you will learn about as you follow me (and hope you do).  Since the loss of my husband/partner, I have formed a business (The Cournell Group) with two of my other business partners, Courtney and Chanelle Justice. The Cournell Group manages four proprietary sites: CourtesyAdmin.com, which is the administrative and graphic design entity of our group.  Courtesy Administrative Services provides small businesses with professional office solutions.  Our group is a combination of medical knowledge, legal strengths, research and administrative skills; along with unique talents which include graphic design, banner ad design and positioning, promotional support, analytics and search engine optimization skills.  We also operate one of the most popular on-line magazines known as Fanvasion.comWe continue to maintain the largest source site for the WB/CW show “One Tree Hill”;  OneTreeHillWeb.net and official music site OTH-music.com.  In 2011, we opened The Fashion Court.  Courtney + Fashion = The Fashion Court … Courtney’s position as fashion & style editor for Fanvasion and OneTreeHillWeb kept her pretty busy and proved that we needed to put fashion on its own platform; The Fashion Court has been very successful and has drawn “millions” of unique visitors.  Another very successful addition has been my Christmas page “Lolly Christmas (I blog there on Christmas posts only)… it started out as just posting photos and writing about my love for Christmas, (THE Most Wonderful Time of the Year!) but it’s now developing into a service of its own.  Contact me if you are interested in holiday solutions for your business or project.  The Cournell Group.com is where it all comes together for our clients; where they can call on us to optimize their website, hire a virtual assistant, manage the viral marketing for their recording artist, learn about Search Engine Optimization, Community Management, modifying their brand to compete during the holidays, how to make themselves found on-line, to get their social media layout or banner designed, or to advertise with our group; which attracts males/females, educated, ages 18-45.

This blog is where I will talk about anything… about any of my businesses, or whatever I feel is the topic of the moment… I might even want to talk about cookies… yes, cookies.  One of my daughters makes hand-decorated gourmet cookies All Baked Up!   (she also does scrumptious cupcakes, chocolate-dipped pretzels & Oreos) and she does cookies with any image or design, including your logo!  

Right now I am trying to avoid looking at her cookies because this year (2013) I will be on a journey to lose weight and shed some “dead weight” in my life.  I will be turning 55 in October, so my weight loss journey is to lose 55 lbs by my 55th birthday!  Cutting carbs often makes me a little grumpy, so it will also be easy to remove some obstacles in my life and resolve some business and personal relationships… because I don’t need stress! If I am stressed, I eat more, so this is the year for eating less, eating healthier and living the best life that I can.  My ultimate goal is to live as long as I can; I want to live a long time and be in good health to enjoy it.  With the strength from God and with the support of my family, I am ready to travel this road.

Please feel free to share any weight loss tips or personal stories and thank you for following me.

~ Loretta