Save a Heart

This is undoubtedly one of the most important blogs that I will write.

In 2005, I lost my husband, my partner, my friend, Elliott to Congestive Heart Failure. The story is very short. He went to the ER on March 19th complaining of shortness of breath; he was treated for bronchitis with Albuterol & Prelone and he was told to follow up with a cardiologist “when we get a chance” because his EKG showed evidence of an “old” heart attack. Surprisingly, he was sent home to follow-up with our family doctor; yet, no one ever mentioned that the chest x-ray showed an enlarged heart, or that the lab values were indicative of immediate cardiac disease… or we would have followed up with a Cardiologist immediately! The followup with our family doctor was consistent with the ER diagnosis; this time Elliott was screened by a med student, who added Advair and Zithromax antibiotics to his regimen… still, it was our understanding that there was NO urgency to see a Cardiologist. Continue reading Save a Heart

Is this it?

Viewpoint of a trial watcher # 5 If Michael is the King of Pop — Janet is the Princess I recently had the chance to read Janet’s interview with Harper’s Bazaar.  It seems that when Janet speaks, everyone listens, and Continue reading Is this it?

Sleeping with the Enemy

Viewpoint of a trial watcher # 3 I am getting increasingly frustrated by the rumors and the so-called fans that are trying to ruin Michael Jackson’s name with all this “drug” talk.   It might be coming to a close, and Continue reading Sleeping with the Enemy

Shadow of Suspicion

Viewpoint of a trial watcher # 1 I recall over a decade ago, the white Bronco on the LA Freeway, an icon Heisman Trophy winner and National Football League superstar, OJ Simpson, accused of murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson Continue reading Shadow of Suspicion