New Lupus Drug Benlsta Approved

First New Lupus Drug in 56 Years; Reduces Lupus Activity, May Cut Steroid Need

The fantastic news was reported this week; on March 9, 2011 … we have all been waiting to hear this… finally… The FDA has approved Benlysta, the first new lupus drug since 1955. Continue reading New Lupus Drug Benlsta Approved

Search / Research for Life

Recently,  I did a Google search on the disease that killed my father; I searched Emphysema and then Emphysema cure and the results showed: “Form of Vitamin A to cure emphysema”  and I thought, “wow, a vitamin can now cure Continue reading Search / Research for Life

Sleeping with the Enemy

Viewpoint of a trial watcher # 3 I am getting increasingly frustrated by the rumors and the so-called fans that are trying to ruin Michael Jackson’s name with all this “drug” talk.   It might be coming to a close, and Continue reading Sleeping with the Enemy

Shadow of Suspicion

Viewpoint of a trial watcher # 1 I recall over a decade ago, the white Bronco on the LA Freeway, an icon Heisman Trophy winner and National Football League superstar, OJ Simpson, accused of murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson Continue reading Shadow of Suspicion